The North West Group is made up of three separate but closely linked businesses which aim to be a One Stop Shop for locals in our area looking to dress up their homes, investment properties or business premises.

We are based in Quirindi and our primary focus is to service our local area which stretches to Tamworth, Gunnedah, Scone and Premer. Although we do work in the larger centres mentioned and happily freight products all over the country, our bread and butter has always been the smaller towns and villages in the area, along with all of our rural customers around the Liverpool Plains and Ranges.

All 3 businesses share the showroom premises at 77 Henry St, Quirindi (opposite Browning Motors Holden) so it's easy to sort out all of your needs at the one spot.


North West Building Maintenancewas established in 2000. Fully licenced (NSW Contractors Licence 151989C) for over 15 years now we have built a reputation as the go to guys in the area for all of your minor repairs and renovations. We are the first port of call for the local real estate agents when they need work on their hundreds of rental properties, or maybe some details need tidying up before a property goes on the market.

We cover most of the usual building related trades and it's always a problem when people ask what we do, because the list is so long. The easiest answer to the question is just call us and we'll let you know if we can't do it.

North West Security Doors and Screens - was established in 2006 when we recognised that a lot of the screen products in Quirindi and the surrounding villages were being supplied out of Tamworth. We are currently the only business offering this service in Quirindi and we are priveleged to have a lot of locals who come to us first in an effort to support their local community. In return, we ensure they get efficient personalised service and endeavour to provide as good or better value for money than they would receive if they shopped out of town.

We have a dedicated workshop set up specifically for the purpose of building and repairing all types of window and door screens. We can do everything screen related from the most basic flyscreen or security door lock repair, to supplying and fitting custom built doors and screens. We can also replace the gauze in your screened in verandah, or even help you with screening in your open verandah - carpentry and even steel or aluminium framing all falls within our list of capabilities.

Our range of custom built screens is huge - from standard screens to top of the line Panther Mesh 5 point locking doors, or ultra modern decorative grilles with glass or ceramic inserts if you're after the Wow Factor.

We can supply the products for you to install yourself, but a large part of our business is on-site work - either repairing existing screens or installing our new products for you. Thanks to our long experience in the Building Maintenance side of things, we can also first carry out any repairs to your main doors or door jambs as well if necessary so that the finished job is perfect.

Being a manufacturer, we always have an extensive range of items in stock to help those who prefer to repair their own doors or screens and we pride ourselves in trying to help locals with even the smallest bits and pieces to get them out of trouble with a nuisance door or window screen. Common items that we sell on a regular basis include:

  • Flyscreen (Sold by the metre - many different types and widths)
  • Security door locks and lock cylinder
  • Sliding door rollers (for both screen and glass doors)
  • Screen door closer
  • A variety of flyscreen clips and fittings
  • A large range of aluminium extrusions including tracks and angles in many different sizes and colours. We can even supply aluminium in sheet, plate, RHS, or tube at very competitive prices. 

We also sell pretty much everything else needed to repair, or even build, most screen products.

Our showroom and workshop is at 77 Henry St, Quirindi (opposite Browning Motors Holden). There is a permanent display out the front which can be viewed 24/7 to give you some idea of what we do, or if you would like to call in between 9.00am and 2.00pm Monday to Friday, we will be happy to show you through our showroom and answer any questions you may have. If our opening hours are not convenient for you, please give us a call or email and we will be happy to meet you at a mutually convenient time, either at our place or yours.

 North West Blind and Awnings - was established in 2013 when we again recognised that there are no other suppliers of these products within a 65km radius of Quirindi. Consequently, we are currently the only business offering these services in Quirindi and we are priveleged to have a lot of locals who come to us first in an effort to support their local community. In return, we ensure they get efficient personalised service and endeavour to provide as good or better value for money than they would receive if they shopped out of town.

We supply and install all manner of blinds, awnings and shutters. These are high quality products that are all covered by generous warranties and will be professionally measured and fitted. There are a lot of cheap "one size fits all" options out there these days, however you get what you pay for at the end of the day, and we are proud to carry only quality products which actually fit your windows and will look and work as good as new for many years to come.

Our range includes:


  • Roller Blinds - Transparent Mesh, Light Filtering Fabric, Block Out Fabric, and Double Mesh/Block Out 
  • Venetians - Aluminium, Timber (including Cedar), PVC Imitation Timber
  • Verticals - Fabric or Cedar. Now available without the chains linking the bottom of the blades
  • Romans - Light Filtering or Block Out Fabric
  • Plantation Shutters - Timber or PVC Imitation Timber. Painted or Stained Wood Grain *** Now Available: New "Night Shutters" offering 98% light blockout ***


  • Canvas/Acrylic Awnings - We offer several different styles to suit windows or between verandah/patio posts. Canvas and Acrylic (which is best described as a lighter weight material similar to canvas) do an excellent job of blocking glare and heat from the sun.
  • Mesh Awnings - Modern mesh fabrics can be used in the same styles of awnings where canvas has traditionally been used. They are not quite as efficient at blocking heat and glare as canvas/acrylic, but they do still make a significant difference. They are very good however at providing privacy (during daylight hours) without darkening your room and letting you keep your view. 
  • Straight Drop Blinds - Available in either Canvas, acrylic, mesh, or clear/tinted PVC fabrics. Usually used to screen off a verandah or patio
  • Track Guided Blinds - The premium version of Straight Drop Blinds. These are very versatile, modern looking blinds which are held on both sides by aluminium tracks. These usually have Mesh fabric, however they are also available in Acrylic or clear/tinted PVC 
  • Fixed Aluminium Hoods - These are often used to shelter over doors where adjustable awnings are not suitable. They can however also be used over windows. These can also be made in very long lengths and shade entire sides of buildings. They can even be used as an inexpensive lightweight roof over an otherwise uncovered landing or verandah.
  • Aluminium Roller Shutters - Usually motorised, these are the ultimate solution to seal off your windows from the elements. Being made of foam filled aluminium, when they are closed, they provide excellent insulation against heat, cold, light and noise. On the other hand they can easily be opened right up in a matter of seconds with the push of a button, becoming all but invisible from the inside. Extremely popular with shift workers or those who have problems with light/noise at night.
  • Aluminium Plantation (Louvre) Shutters - These make a stylish addition to the outside of any house. They provide privacy, insulation and secutiy