Aluminum Mesh

AluminiumMeshAluminium mesh is a heavy duty insect screen which is traditionally used to re-screen timber framed screen doors and windows, or for timber framed screened in verandahs.

Fibreglass Mesh



* Inexpensive

* Easy to work with


* Not very durable in high traffic areas

* Offers no security against intruders

Midge Mesh

image-18In our environment sometimes the standard insect repellent screens is not enough to stop the sandflies from getting in and putting the bite on us and our children. Midge mesh is specifically designed smaller to repell the little biters and worth considering if sandflies or midges are a problem in your area.

Pet Mesh


Excellent protection from the flyscreen's natural enemies - dogs, cats and kids!

A step up from the budget variety Flyscreen mesh, the  Pet Mesh, is a about seven times stronger as it is made up of heavier strands and is coated in a polyester coating making more resistent ot cats and dogs who want to go out through the door rather than wait for you.