diamond grilleProviding a strong physical barrier for unwanted entry via yur windows, the Diamond Grille range of custom built screens also provide a strong visiual deterent for would be intruders. Try not to smile unwittingly when showing genuine concern about hearing your neighbours place was broken via an unprotected window.

For a high level of protection the fitting of a 7mm aluminium grille to each of your windows provides a physical barrier for human intruders and can be combined with our range of pet and insect mesh options to keep other unwanted guests.

The grille and frame are constructed in our Quirinidi factory in a range of powder coats to suit your existing colour scheme of your dwelling or premises. We can then come out and fit and install them or you may choose to do that yourself.

There are a small range of variations in the design of the diamond pattern however each pattern provides a consistent strength to enable the doors to provide the strength qualitities needed to be considered barrier or security doors.