Excellent protection from the flyscreen's natural enemies - dogs, cats and kids!

A step up from the budget variety Flyscreen mesh, the  Pet Mesh, is a about seven times stronger as it is made up of heavier strands and is coated in a polyester coating making more resistent ot cats and dogs who want to go out through the door rather than wait for you.

The Pet Mesh uses the same fitting system as standard flyscreen mesh, so is interchangeable for use in any of the flyscreen or grilled door and window products (except for the Panther Protect system where it is not needed anyway).

It is resistant to unwanted damage from your pets or children and works even better when used in conjunction with a security grille. It is not to be confused with security mesh however. For the ultimate in protection against damage from pets, as well as providing an excellent barrier against human intruders, see our Panther Protect doors and window screens.

This is the mesh we recommend for most doors (other than Panther Protect doors) and it is far superior to anything else on the market when it comes to durability for screened in rooms and verandahs.