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Our range of traditional Diamond Grille Barrier doors are made from 7mm aluminium extrusion providing a reasonable level of security from intruders and with your choice of the available mesh options you keep out the bugs as well.

The Diamond Grille screens on either your doors and/or your windows were considered the standard security screen for many years, and whilst we now have non-grille security doors and window screens, such as our Panther Protect system which are far superior in terms of security and some would say appearance, we still offer the diamond grille products as a great alternative for those who are not as concerend about security, or don't have the budget for the Panther style doors.

These doors still have a good quality keyed lock and a strong aluminum grille which provides a reasonable physical and visual barrier, whilst also giving you a good, solid screen door to keep out the flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects.

Depending on your needs, these doors and window screens can be fitted with a range of mesh options from the Pet mesh or Midge mesh down to the budget fibreglass mesh.

The Diamond Grille style of doors and windows come in a large range of styles and colours to suit virtually any decor.

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