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The Panther Protect system is a patented system which allows us to create a door or window screen that meets or exceeds all relevant Australian Standards for security, safety and longevity. Using a high grade steel (either galvanised or stainless, depending on your location) the Panther Protect mesh doors offer protection with minimal loss of your view.


Panther Protect is a security door system comprising of a high strength steel Mesh with a patented locking mechanism in its tough aluminum extruded frame. 

panther-protectIndependently tested by an accredited NATA facility, the Panther Protect system exceeds the Australian standards for impact, knife shear, forced entry and longevity tests. For bush fire zone construction requirements or high salt content areas the normal galvanised steel mesh can be replaced by 316 marine grade stainless steel which will capably handle these harsh environments.

As an added bonus, they are not only among the highest rated security screens on the market today, but they have a fantastic modern look. More and more people these days have front doors that they consider to be a feature of the house and the last thing you want to do with a nice front door is put a busy looking security grilled door in front of it. Likewise, most people cringe at the thought of ugly grilles over all of their windows.

In an ideal world, most of us would prefer the look of leaving our doors and windows unscreened, but unfortunately that's not a very good option in Australia's environment and with the level of crime we live with these days. This is why the Panther screens are such a great option. You get a the look and feel of open, uncluttered doors and windows, and yet can still answer the door or leave it open in the knowledge that you are protected from any unwanted intruders - both criminal and insect .

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For more information on the Panther Protect range specifications and qualities you may download the manufacturers brochure here.


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